Our Story

LondonLink's founder was mining Cryptoassets in his garage at home as far back as 2013. Back then, purchasing Bitcoins in the UK was a particularly difficult thing to do so he decided to simplify the process. Typical broker commissions at this time were as high as 8%! Fortunately, over the years we have been able to drive our costs down and carry these savings over to our clients.

Since then LondonLink have become experts in all things Crypto - from brokering, to mining and everything inbetween. We also regularly attend finance and industry conferences - we have even been known to speak at a few. Being one of the longest-standing brokerages in this space we have become very well known and respected for our professionalism and personal touch. Our customers have trusted us to deliver and still do to this day.


Our Mission

Our goal is simple: to provide high quality brokerage services to our clients. Buying Bitcoin is harder that it should be and we aim to change that. FX fees, wiring money, lots of waiting and order books.

At LondonLink we think buying Bitcoin should be as simple as purchasing anything else digital. We strive to meet that goal.

We take the work out of trading Cryptoassets and will only ever quote you one all-inclusive price. No confusing prices or fee structures.

Our team

NameTrading forConfirmed tradesTrusted byUnique partners
Trading for:6 years, 8 months
Confirmed trades:Trades15 000+
Trusted by:Trusted3000+
Unique partners:Trading Partners7000+
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Trading for:3 years, 8 months
Confirmed trades:Trades3000+
Trusted by:Trusted1000+
Unique partners:Trading Partners3000+
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Trading for:3 years, 0 months
Confirmed trades:Trades1000+
Trusted by:Trusted500+
Unique partners:Trading Partners1000+
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